The Mossawa Center in the US: Effects of the Jewish...


In light of the discriminatory Jewish nation-state law, the Mossawa Center will be launching an outreach program in the US in order to promote Arab Palestinian minority rights and discuss the role of the Arab minority in the peace building process.

EU Ambassador to Israel visits Jisr Il Zarqa


On the initiative of the Mossawa Center Emanuele Giaufret visited Jisr il Zarqa to see EU funded capacity building project that the Mossawa Center has been leading with the local council.

Mossawa's Statement on the Events at the Dawabshe...


The events at the court in Lod on Tuesday, June 19 illustrate the inconsistency of the authorities' treatment of Palestinians, citizens and non-citizens alike, versus their treatment of Jews.

Police officer who broke the knee of Mossawa...


The police department has decided to put the officer who assaulted Mossawa’s director Jafar Farah on forced leave for the duration of the investigation into his actions.

Mossawa Hosts Roundtable Discussing the Palestinian...


The planned roundtable was held one day after the release of Mossawa´s Director Jafar Farah and 18 others to discuss the rise and role of Palestinian-Arab NGO´s in Israel and the challenges they face working within the framework of the State.

All 19 detainees released from Israeli Police...


We call on the international community and especially political leadership to publically condemn this flagrant violation of human rights and abuse of power and to join us in the demand for justice.

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