Annual Commemoration of Land Day - مركز مساواة لحقوق المواطنين العرب في اسرائيل

Annual Commemoration of Land Day

In commemoration of Land Day, the Mossawa Center is bringing the Land Day monument and the photo exhibition by artists Abid Abdi and Jershon Knisbil to numerous towns and villages. The exhibition has already been in Kokab Abu il Heja village on Sunday and was then transferred to the high school of Sakhnin before being moved to the municipality building in Tayibe.

On Wednesday March 28th, in cooperation with Al Tanweer Forum, the Mossawa Center hosted a workshop on Land Day in the Carmel Center in Haifa. Participating in the workshop were Advocates Mohammed Miari, a former member of Land Defense Committee, Tawfeeq Kna'ana, and Nabeeha Murkus, one of the first organisers of Land Day.

Since 1976, Land Day, traditionally held on March 30th, marks the day Palestinian-Arabs deepened their roots further in what was left of their land; a day of national identity; a day that embodies the land itself commemorated through series of events held around the country.

Mossawa is also providing copies of its 2016 published book, Land Day: The History, Struggle, and Monument in Arabic, English and Hebrew. The publication features contributions from prominent civil society organisers and intellectuals from the Arab community exploring various themes on Land Day:

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