Arab Community Observes Anniversary of October 2000...


Saturday will mark the sixteenth anniversary of the popular demonstrations in October 2000 during which 13 Arab civilians were killed by police.

2016 Report on Racism finds Escalation in...


Mossawa's 2016 Racism Report indicates an alarming increase in the frequency of incidents of racism.

New Increases to Arab Culture Budget Fall Short


The Ministry of Culture has announced plans to increase their financial support for Arab cultural activities.

Five-year plan for Development in Arab Community...


A new analysis shows that Resolution 922, the five-year plan for the development of the Arab community in Israel, will not address welfare and health issues.

Ministry of Health Cuts Funding for Prenatal Genetic...


The Mossawa Center has filed a case against the Ministry of Health in response to the Ministry's decision to reduce funding for prenatal genetic testing in the Arab community.

Israeli School Year Begins With 3000 Classrooms...


As K-12 students across Israel return to school, the Arab community is still short 3000 classrooms.

Call for Papers: 2016 Conference on the Legal Status...


The Mossawa Center is seeking papers and contributions for this fall’s 2016 Conference on the Legal Status of the Arab Community in Israel.

Arab Community Leaders Reject State Education Budget


Politicians and local leaders of the Arab community declared their opposition on Thursday to the 2017-18 state education budget, on the grounds that it ignores the needs of the Arab education system.

Knesset Protest: State Budget Fails to Address Poverty


Demonstrators in front of the Knesset Thursday morning called for the government to fulfill its responsibilities in the fight against poverty.

Arab Women Speak Out in the Knesset for Economic Rights


On Monday, August 1st, dozens of Arab women spoke in support of equitable employment and their economic rights in the Knesset’s Committee on the Status of Women and Gender Equality.

Knesset Passes NGO Bill Targeting Human Rights...


The Knesset passed a new measure Monday that targets human rights groups and critics of the current government, threatening freedoms of association and expression.

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