Social Democratic Party Aims to Strengthen Ties with Arab community

Date: -0001/11/30
After meeting with Mossawa the S&D party aims to strengthen its ties with the Arab Community

15/10/2015 Haifa. The Socialists and Democrats Party, the second largest party in the EU parliament, issued a statement on Tuesday that it intends to upgrade its relations with the Arab community and its political leadership. The statement came after a meeting between the party leaders and the Mossawa Center. Members of the S&D party stressed the importance of protecting the rights of the Arab minority as well as their unique role in peace building in the region. The party has called for increased cooperation with the Arab community including inviting members of the joint list to Brussels. Mossawa applauds this step towards recognition of the rights of Arab citizens in Israel by the Socialists and Democrats party and hopes other parties will soon take similar action.

Mossawa’s director is currently in Brussels meeting with Members of the EU parliament as well as other EU and governmental officials. He will discuss the work of Mossawa and current status of Arab citizens in Israel as well as the current crisis of oppression, incitement and violence in the region. Mossawa hopes to foster increased cooperation between EU member states and political parties and the political leadership of the Arab community in order for the voices of Arab citizens to be heard in the international arena. 


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