2013 Israeli Local Elections Marked by Racist Campaigns and Internal Challenges - مركز مساواة لحقوق المواطنين العرب في اسرائيل

2013 Israeli Local Elections Marked by Racist Campaigns and Internal Challenges

Two Likkud supported campaigns in Israeli local elections were forced to take down their campaign materials due to their racist and offensive nature. In Carmiel the campaign vowed it would not allow a mosque to be built in the city even though there are no actual existing plans to build said mosque. In Jaffa, the campaign claimed it would stop the Muslim call to prayer from being broadcast on a loud speaker. Their slogan read �Silence the Muezzin in Jaffa? Only the Likud can." In both cases the chair of the Israeli election committee banned the offensive materials of the campaign, but still allowed the campaign itself to continue. In Nazareth Illit the incumbent mayor Shimon Gapso ran against the building of an Arab school in the city even though the population is 30% Arab.
Director of Mossawa, Jafar Farah said, �The results of the Local Council elections in most areas show that racists groups were able to hold on to their power especially in Nazareth Illit and Carmiel, where the local campaigns were replete with anti-Arab campaign materials and incitement. The fragmentation of the Arab community in cities such as Tel Aviv-Jaffa resulted in the loss of Arab representatives in the elections, whereas, in Haifa and Nazareth Illit the Arab representation in local councils was strengthened.
Fragmentation and violence in elections were felt in the Arab community. The best example of this being the election results in Nazareth. The Arab community needs to evaluate the election results in their cities. The withdrawal of the Islamic Movement in the Local Council Elections encouraged an already growing trend in the community to vote based on family ties rather than political ideals.�
Updates on the results of women candidates in the local elections will be posted as they are known
For further information or analysis of the local elections in the Arab community you can contact Dr. Nihad Ali at 054-4720093

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