Mossawa sends letter on Issues Facing Arab Citizens to Ambassadors and Foreign ministers of EU Member Statesc - مركز مساواة لحقوق المواطنين العرب في اسرائيل

Mossawa sends letter on Issues Facing Arab Citizens to Ambassadors and Foreign ministers of EU Member Statesc

Haifa 2/6/2015. The Mossawa Center has sent a letter to the Ambassadors in Israel and Foreign Ministers of all EU Member States on the most important issues facing the Arab minority in Israel. The issues brought up in the letter included; the unique position of Arab citizens in Israel in negotiations for peace, Racial incitement against Arab citizens, Home demolitions in the Negev, Police and civilian violence against Arab citizens, and socioeconomic disparity between the Jewish Arab populations in Israel caused by disproportionate allocation of funds from the state budget to the Arab community. The letter also included a list of recommendations for action.

This letter was sent out before an EU External Action Service meeting on relations with Israel and was meant to give participating foreign ministers relevant information on the lives of Arab citizens in Israel who make up 20% of the population. The letter also came soon after Mossawa's Director returned from an advocacy tour in Europe where he met with officials in Brussels, Berlin and the Netherlands to speak on the implications of the recent Israeli elections results for the Arab minority in Israel as well as the role of Arab citizens in peace building. Mr. Farah met with MEPs Molly Scott Cato, Anne-Marie Mineur, Chair of the delegation for relations with Israel, Fulvio Martusciello, Reinhard Butikofer, S&D Group Vice-President in charge of the Middle East region, Victor Bostinaru and others. He was hosted by Brussels deputy Mayor Faouzia Hariche and council woman Simone Susskind. He also met with officials in the European External Action Service such as; Managing Director for North Africa, Middle-East, Arabian Peninsula, Iran & Iraq, Hugues Mingarelli the members of the European Commission such as; Raffaella Iodice, Head of EC Unit responsible for the Middle East, representatives from the Belgian, German and Dutch Foreign Ministries as well as local and international civil service organizations and foundations in all three countries.

This tour as well as the letter sent to Ambassadors and Foreign Ministers was an opportunity start a dialogue with key figures in Europe and for them to have the opportunity to hear a firsthand account of the realities on the ground for Arab citizens and the growing discrimination and racism they are facing. It is also a time to discuss the potential of the newly elected Arab join list which is now the third largest party in the Knesset. The Mossawa Center is calling on the international community and especially those in power in Europe to ensure that the rights of Arab citizens will be protected and to be included in peace building efforts.


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