General Strike Called for in the Arab Community in Response to the Killing of 60 Palestinian Protestors in Gaza - مركز مساواة لحقوق المواطنين العرب في اسرائيل

General Strike Called for in the Arab Community in Response to the Killing of 60 Palestinian Protestors in Gaza

In response to the killing of 60 Palestinian protestors and injuring of 2500 in Gaza, the High Follow-up Committee for Arab Citizens in Israel held an emergency meeting in Nazareth on Monday night. The Committee called for a general strike on Wednesday across all cities and towns in response to the "premeditated terrorist massacre committed by the Israeli government and army". The killing of the protestors was sanctioned by Trump's White House as they celebrated of the opening of the US embassy in Jerusalem on the same day.


"The call for three national demonstrations starting on Tuesday and general strikes on Wednesday is the national and moral duty of our people".


The chair of the Follow-up Committee, Mohammed Baraka, called for the meeting, which was attended by all members of the committee, elected officials and local councils. The meeting summarized the events on the ground and the responses of the Palestinian citizens of Israel, such as the joint political and religious organised demonstrations held in Jerusalem. 


The Committee said in its statement that by the time of the meeting the death toll had risen to 58 martyrs and more than 2500 demonstrators had been injured. These numbers reflect a massive terrorist massacre. The international community must speak out in response to the ongoing Israeli crimes, specifically since the beginning of the protests on ´Land Day´, March 30th. The crimes have been committed with impunity and with the support of the US administration, which echoes Israel's criminalization of the victim's.


The committee said that tens of thousands of our people in the Gaza Strip have been raising the banner of return, which is their legitimate and humanitarian right. A right that extends to the Palestinian people wherever they are.


The Follow-up Committee condemns the collusion of the Arab States, through their silence, and at times their collaboration with the occupation government thereby legitimizing its crimes. The Committee applauds the countries of the world that stand by the Palestinian people in its just-cause and in its liberation struggles. The Committee paid tribute to South Africa, which decided to withdraw its ambassador from Tel Aviv in response to the massacre. As well as Turkey, which has decided to withdraw its ambassadors from Tel Aviv and Washington and called upon the countries of the world, especially the Arab States to take the same steps.


The Committee demands the opening of Rafah crossing in Gaza to facilitate the transfer of goods and the treatment of injured.


The Follow-up Committee calls upon all Palestinian factions to rise to the occasion of the events, to overcome their differences, and unite in the efforts to overcome the occupation and support the popular resistance.


The Follow-up Committee supports the immediate responses of demonstrations of the Palestinian citizens of Israel across dozens of towns after the news of the massacre and its horrors spread. The committee calls for its continuation over the next few days.


The follow-up salutes the participants of the Jerusalem demonstrations in front of the new US embassy on Monday. It condemns the aggressive response of Israeli forces towards activists and political leaders, including Members of the Knesset. The committee stands with the detained and the injured.


The Arab High Follow-up Committee´s Emergency meeting decisions:

- Calls for a general strike on Wednesday.

- Calls for a mass participation in three national demonstrations, starting at 18:00:

(1) at the eastern entrance of Magd al-Krum

(2) at the main entrance to Umm al-Fahm

(3) at the main entrance t o Rahat.

- Calls for popular demonstrations across towns after Friday prayers

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