Muhammad Kiwan’s Family Donate His Organs in Order to Save Lives of 6 People - مركز مساواة لحقوق المواطنين العرب في اسرائيل

Muhammad Kiwan’s Family Donate His Organs in Order to Save Lives of 6 People


Muhammad Kiwan Mahamid's family donated his organs in order to save the lives of six people.

The martyr Muhammad Mahamid Kiwan's organs saved the lives of six individuals, according to the Ministry of Health. After doctors at the Rambam Hospital confirmed his death, the organ transplant was performed on the night of Wednesday-Thursday. The family consented to the request of the Ministry of Health to donate Muhammad's organs to other patients in need. According to the Ministry of Health, Muhammad’s organs helped save:

- A 15 month-old baby with a liver lobe transplant

- A 16 year-old girl with a kidney transplant at Rambam Hospital

- A 35 year-old lady at the Ichilov Hospital with a second kidney transplant

- A 37 year-old at the Sheba Hospital with a heart transplant

- A 66 year-old lady at the Sheba Hospital with a lung transplant

- A 69 year-old man at Beilinson Hospital with a liver transplant


Member of the family, Dr. Raed Mahamid, who accompanied the family during the efforts to rescue the martyr, says “We are a family that believes in coexistence and humanity, and we have decided to donate Muhammad’s organs to save lives. We will continue to pursue the policemen who killed him in court.”

The Mossawa Center intends to support the family throughout the legal process of prosecuting those who are accountable. Jaafar Farah,  director of the Mossawa Center, met with them on Wednesday and accompanied them in filing a complaint investigation before Muhammad's death was announced.

Attorney Alber Nahas, a board member of the Mossawa Center, petitioned the Ministry of Justice and the Abu Kabir Forensic Institute, demanding that a family representative attend the autopsy process.

Dr. Raed Mahamid accompanied the autopsy before the return of the body on Thursday.


Dr. Raed Mahamid +972 52-2812646

Deborah Scherer, Spokeswoman for the Transplant Center +972 50-7895201


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