The Mossawa Center Invites You to the Haifa for Solidarity Conference - مركز مساواة لحقوق المواطنين العرب في اسرائيل

The Mossawa Center Invites You to the "Haifa for Solidarity" Conference

The "Haifa Conference for Solidarity" will be held on the anniversary of the events that transpired in mixed communities in May 2021, particularly in Haifa. The focus of the conference will be on how to build solidarity across mixed-city communities. Particularly, the reality of life in Haifa, a city wich has both opportunities and challenges in the fabric of life.
The conference will host panels discussing the economic and political realities in the city, as well as the education system and urban planning in Haifa, where multi-ethnic communities meet and interact together daily. The panels will propose ideas for action plans for civil society, social, religious, and political organizations on the local and national levels with the intention to empower and promote communities living in mixed cities.
9:00-9:30- Registration and refreshments at the Haifa Museum of Art.
9:30-10:00- Opening statements.
10:00-11:00 -Opening session "Haifa Marches for solidarity".
11:30-13:30- Division into 4 panel sessions that will take place simultaneously: health, planning, education, economy.
Health session: Solidarity in the health system.
Urban planning session: Multicultural and multilingual planning.
Education session: The role of the Haifa education system in promoting solidarity.
Economy session: Haifa as an economic, social, and regional metropolis.
The sessions will take place at different venues.
14:00-15:00- Summary, recommendations, and future vision.
15:00-15:30- Lunch.
15:30-16:30- Guided tour in the old city
You can register for the conference using the following link:

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