legal rights workshops in Arab high - schools - مركز مساواة لحقوق المواطنين العرب في اسرائيل

legal rights workshops in Arab high - schools

The Mossawa center launched a project of legal rights workshops in Arab high - schools


As part of the program to enhance identity and belonging among the young generation, the Mossawa Center staff visits elementary and high schools throughout the school year to provide human rights and awareness workshops.


Today, the Mossawa Center staff visited Al-Nahda School in the city of Kafr Qara, and presented a human rights awareness workshop, as part of the activities of the "Democracy Week" organized by the school, through which the students were introduced to the work of the Mossawa Center in promoting the rights of Arab citizens through parliamentary, legal, international and media advocacy and community organization.


During the workshop, basic human rights in general and the rights of Arab citizens of Israel, in particular, were discussed, in addition to the importance of following up and demanding individual and collective rights and the right to equality.


students raised several issues that Palestinian-Arab society suffers from, including police brutality during the events of October 2000 and the events of May 2021, in addition to the law preventing family unification, the national law, and our inalienable rights as a national minority.


The topic of volunteering and youth initiatives was one of the topics that the students interacted with positively, emphasizing the importance of internalizing these values ​​in light of the challenges that the Palestinian-Arab society faces.


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