Arab lawyers: We have monitored more than 90 illegal publications by Jewish lawyers - مركز مساواة لحقوق المواطنين العرب في اسرائيل

Arab lawyers: We have monitored more than 90 illegal publications by Jewish lawyers

Arab lawyers:

We have monitored more than 90 illegal publications by Jewish lawyers

The team of Arab and progressive lawyers has so far monitored more than 90 illegal publications by Jewish lawyers for which the Bar Association has not taken any action, despite their seriousness. This was revealed by the Integrity and Dignity list during a digital seminar with the participation of more than 100 Arab lawyers held in cooperation with the Mossawa Center. The seminar discussed the current situation in the region and the escalation of racial incitement against the Arab community, which has been reflected in the escalation of incitement against Arab lawyers, especially since they are in the front lines regarding the follow-up of detainees' cases in the past and also in states of emergency.

More than 100 lawyers and activists participated in the meeting to discuss the issue of incitement and the pursuit of Arab lawyers. The meeting featured lawyer Ahmad Al-Za'im, a member of the management of the Mossawa Center, former Knesset member Osama Saadi, lawyer Fadia Qawasmi, and Wael Khalaila, head of the Integrity and Dignity list, and lawyer Mohammad Dahla.

Lawyer Ahmad Al-Za'im addressed the unprecedented and abnormal incitement against Arab lawyers, Arab leaders, and activists, and emphasized the importance of having a clear address in the Bar Association for the necessary approaches. He also stressed the importance of organizing lawyers in coordination with the Arab representatives in the association.

Jafar Farah, the director of the Mossawa Center, who confirmed the center's support for such initiatives, then participated. He suggested coordinating and dividing tasks with the help of civil society institutions and the follow-up committee on various topics, especially with the large number of arrests and indictments that increased to 44 indictments presented against an Arab detainee.

Former deputy Osama Saadi highlighted the dangers of current practices by government institutions in a state of emergency and the dangerous results we may reach for the Arab community, including the law to withdraw citizenship. For example, the case of the artist Maisa Abdel Hadi and all cases of administrative detention.

Osama Saadi also expressed his opposition to the Bar Association's incitement stance against Arab lawyers, and in this context, a petition was created and signed by more than 600 lawyers. He also mentioned the complaint filed against lawyer Asala Abu Khdeir from Jerusalem, supported by the head of the association, despite her release.

He also confirmed the rejection of the emergency regulations followed and the arrests without judicial procedures. At the end of his speech, Osama Saadi emphasized the importance of standing against these arbitrary policies and continuing to protect our people.

Lawyer Fadia Qawasmi spoke about the importance of this group and the necessity of intensifying its work more broadly to achieve greater results. In the context of organized and united work, lawyer Qawasmi said: "It is our responsibility to stop the incitement against Arab lawyers, and we must continue to file complaints against Jewish lawyers who incite against Arab lawyers."

Wael Khalaila, head of the Integrity and Dignity list, described the Bar Association as a mirror of Israeli society in his intervention and that we should not be surprised by the behavior of the Bar Association, which is no different from the behavior of any other organization in the country against the Arab community, especially in times of war.

He emphasized that we must act responsibly without abandoning our principles and identity, and he categorically rejected the stance of the head of the association against Arab lawyers, describing it as unacceptable, confirming that this is the first time that the head of the association has a role in filing a complaint against a lawyer.

He concluded his speech by addressing every lawyer who receives an invitation from the Professional Ethics Committee to approach the Arab representatives in the association to deal with the subject, emphasizing the importance of continuous communication with Amit Bekher, the head of the Bar Association, the heads of the regions, and all officials in the association to impose the position of Arab lawyers.

The participating lawyers discussed the situation through detailed interventions and the meeting concluded with an emphasis on the importance of organizing Arab lawyers and dividing tasks between lawyers and civil institutions.


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