Haifa Labor Court Obligates Municipality to Negotiate with Arab Nurse Unlawfully Dismissed. - مركز مساواة لحقوق المواطنين العرب في اسرائيل

Haifa Labor Court Obligates Municipality to Negotiate with Arab Nurse Unlawfully Dismissed.

"Haifa Labor Court Obligates Municipality to Negotiate with Arab Nurse Unlawfully Dismissed."

On Thursday, 01.02.2024, The Haifa Labor Court, obliged the Haifa Municipality, owner of Bnei Zion Hospital, to negotiate with the nurse L.M. following a tense session attended by dozens of supporters of the Arab nurse, who has been pursued since 17.10.2024. This step comes after a long legal battle resulting from the nurse's unlawful dismissal from the hospital and the Haifa Municipality following fabricated charges of sympathizing with a terrorist organization under the pretext of posting a Quranic verse on the night of October 6.

Nurse L.M., who has served Bnei Zion Hospital with professionalism and dedication for 33 years, faced unjust procedures by the hospital administration. Despite her long history of caring for both Arab and Jewish patients alike, she was summoned to a hearing by the Haifa Municipality followed by a decision to dismiss her from her job.

The police arrested the nurse during her work, following information received from a hospital employee. After being investigated by Haifa police and her detention extended for 24 hours, she was released by the police due to the lack of evidence to convict her of supporting terrorism. Despite the police closing the case, the hospital administration insisted on her immediate dismissal and summoned her to a hearing at the Haifa Municipality, the official operator of the hospital staff, as the owner of the hospital. The hearing was attended by Haifa Municipality General Manager Nir Mariash and Bnei Zion Hospital Director Ohad Kavlan. Despite evidence that the nurse did not publish positions supporting the October 7 operation, the Haifa Municipality's employment committee dismissed the nurse.

Jafar Farah, director of the Mossawa Center, revealed during the court session that he had received several approaches from Arab workers at Bnei Zion Hospital who had been subjected to racial harassment and even physical assault. It became clear from the approaches that Bnei Zion Hospital's administration allows racial incitement and verbal violence against Arab medical staff, while pursuing a nurse with charges not proven by the police. Farah called on the Haifa Municipality to deeply examine what happens in Bnei Zion Hospital towards Arab patients and medical staff.

The Mossawa Center pointed out the importance of demanding Arab workers' rights and not compromising them, warning against incitement and persecutions practiced by racist groups against Arab workers and students in all places, emphasizing the importance of acting responsibly in these circumstances and documenting conversations aiming to condemn the Arab worker by colleagues or workplaces.

According to the court's decision, negotiation sessions will be held soon between the legal advisor of Haifa Municipality and Bnei Zion Hospital with the nurse's defense team aiming to reach a solution that satisfies the nurse and preserves her rights.


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