Mossawa Center hosts the Higher Education Festival for Haifa Schools. - مركز مساواة لحقوق المواطنين العرب في اسرائيل

Mossawa Center hosts the Higher Education Festival for Haifa Schools.

Mossawa Center hosts the Higher Education Festival for Haifa Schools.


As part of community programs and with the aim of encouraging higher education and vocational training for youth, Mossawa Center, in cooperation with the "Alrwad" program for higher education and the Academic Guidance Association, organized an orientation day on Tuesday with the participation of hundreds of students from the Carmelite, Carmel, and Nazareth Sisters schools, and the Starting Group in the courtyards and halls of the Carmel Cultural, Educational, and Rights Center in Wadi Nisnas neighborhood.


Nagham Abu Harfeh Samara, the director of "Alrwad," indicated that "the program aims to provide necessary guidance to students regarding their future academic and professional path, with a focus on the importance of university studies and choosing specializations that match the labor market's demands and their personal ambitions, especially in light of the scarcity of similar programs dedicated to the Arab community. This guidance is an important step towards empowering Arab students and enhancing their chances of obtaining suitable job opportunities after graduation, particularly as it plays a crucial part in economically and socially elevating the Arab community."


Jafar Farah, the director of Mossawa Center, spoke about the importance of penetrating the job market through choosing appropriate educational and vocational training paths for youth. He emphasized the importance of experiencing professions through practical experiences and suggested that students volunteer at public and private institutions.


The program included a series of lectures presented by specialists in various fields, including attorney members of Mossawa Center's management, Albert Nahhas, attorney Marianne Abi Nader, attorney Maria Jamal - director of the Humanity Crew association, and university students Omar Sharafi and Tamer Awad, the coordinator of the Shared Public Space project. The youth group at Mossawa Center showcased university students' experiences regarding their academic journeys.


A large number of representatives from educational institutions participated in the higher education expo, including Tel Aviv University, Haifa University, Arab Teachers' College, the Open University, Ono Academic College, Beersheba University, and Tel Aviv-Yafo College. They provided explanations about the programs and courses available at their universities and colleges, offering students the opportunity to ask questions and learn more about their educational options.


Costa Jarjoura, the community work coordinator at Mossawa Center, stressed the importance of the program in guiding students towards university studies and vocational training to integrate into the labor market. He emphasized the active role that young men and women can play in the Arab community and confirmed Mossawa Center's role in providing a space for youth, schools, and institutions to network and organize such an activity. He highlighted the importance of engaging in university life and utilizing it as an opportunity for learning and development, affirming that the university or vocational training experience represents a pivotal stage that every young man and woman should undergo.


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