State of Emergency Declared in the Palestinian-Arab Community due to Uptick in Organized Crime Violence and Deaths. - مركز مساواة لحقوق المواطنين العرب في اسرائيل

State of Emergency Declared in the Palestinian-Arab Community due to Uptick in Organized Crime Violence and Deaths.

Following the distressing and abrupt escalation in murders within the Arab community, the High Follow-Up Committee for Palestinian-Arab Citizens of Israel has declared a state of emergency. This tragic upsurge, which has seen three lives taken in Kafr Qara in under 24 hours, calls attention to the urgent need for intervention and reform.


In response to these tragic events and the rise in violence, Arab towns and cities throughout Israel plan a general strike this Tuesday, September 5th. The aim of this strike is not just to mourn the loss but also to urge for swift action and change. On the day of the strike, students will go to classes for two hours, after which they will participate in organized protests at various locations.


Saturday's heartbreaking events in Kafr Qara , which led to the deaths of the esteemed imam of Kafr Qara's central Quba Mosque, a fresh groom, and a 13-year-old boy, mark a critical juncture in our community's plea for security and justice.


To highlight the urgency of this issue, it is crucial to note the alarming statistics: Since the outset of 2023, a staggering 166 Arabs have fallen victim to organized crime and violence in the Arab community. This marks a significant increase from the same period last year, which witnessed the loss of 72 Palestinian-Arab lives.


The community's pain and anger are exacerbated by the perceived inaction of the Israeli police force. Despite the rising number of incidents, there is a widespread sentiment that the Israeli police have not been proactive enough in preventing these events or in bringing the perpetrators to justice. Many within the community argue that such levels of violence would have received more direct attention and intervention had they occurred in Jewish neighborhoods, leading to accusations of discrimination and neglect by law enforcement.


Mossawa Center emphasizes the importance of this planned strike and protests, seeing it as a pivotal moment for the Arab community. Such an increase in violence, combined with perceived police inaction, is a disturbing signal of a deeper malaise that needs to be addressed urgently.


In light of these events, there is an urgent call to the international community for action. The global community, human rights organizations, and international media are urged to amplify the plight of Palestinian-Arab citizens of Israel and to hold the Israeli government accountable for its duty to protect all its citizens. The Palestinian-Arab community in Israel hopes that international pressure will catalyze substantive reforms and a stronger commitment to security and justice for all its inhabitants.


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